The Rock-Cut Tombs of Qizqapan, Iraqi Kurdistan: Median or Achaemenid

In September 2009 CE, one of my relatives suggested that we visit “an ancient and mythical cave”. The story behind this cave is that a man (commoner) had abducted an elite girl. He took her to that cave and married her. They lived together for many years and, finally, both were buried there after their death. This is one of the versions of this mythical story; many variations I have also heard of since then.

A Gift from King Shulgi: A Pair of Gold Earrings

On June 22, 2005, the Sulaymaniyah Museum of Iraqi Kurdistan purchased a pair of gold earrings and on the same day these jewellery items received a registration number of “SM 2892“. They cost the bargain price of 7,000.00 USD. Both earrings weigh approximately 48 grams and are of a 24-carat purity.

The city of Alexander the Great was discovered in Iraq!

Archaeologists in Iraq have discovered a city that has been forgotten for more than two thousand years, with the help of photographs taken by drone and degraded images of the CIA. The city, believed to have been founded in 331 BC. by Alexander the Great, was discovered in the wider area of Qalatga Darband by a group of Iraqi and British archaeologists.

Visiting the Paikuli Tower Built by the Sasanian King Narseh

While I was photographing two large blocks at the main hall of the Sulaymaniyah Museum, I read that these blocks were part of the Sassaniantower of Paikuli. “Paikuli”(Arabic: بيكولي; Kurdish: په يكولي): a new name to me! I went home and surfed the net trying to find out what this tower represents. After getting the information, I phoned Mr. Hashim Hama Abdullah, the director of the museum. “Please, guide me on how to get there,” I asked him. He replied positively.

Never Seen: The Trace of a Jewish Spirit from Mesopotamia

THE STORY BEGINS FROM A DEAD ENDAugust 25, 2015 was a very hot day of summer but its omen was a very promising one! That day, I was with my friend, Mr. Hashim Hama Abdulla, director of the Sulaymaniyah Museum in Iraq, walking in the main hall of the Museum. So far, I had visited the museum innumerable times. I pointed towards something on the floor, which I had noticed on several occasions but I had never inquired about. 

What a Sensation at the Sulaymaniyah Museum

I’d just finished my neurology ward tour and the rest of my duty in our hospital. My Nikon D90 camera and its incredible Nikkor AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR lens were in my car. “I have plenty of time, what to do?” I asked myself. After a while, I decided to visit the Sulaymaniyah (Slemani) Museum. How about taking some pictures there and publishing them on Ancient History Encyclopedia?

Never Seen: The Trace of a Jewish Spirit from Mesopotamia

The upper surface of the so-called "Gopala Rock", inscribed with five lines, thought to be Aramaic. On the upper right margin, a single separate line of inscription also appear.  

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The Story of Gilgamesh and Aga

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poster of the International Museum day 2017

poster of the International Museum day 2017 in kurdishThe poster is now published on the International Museum day website  in kurdish language   

Documentary about Bestan sur excavation

 Documentary about Bestan sur excavation  

3D Model of the Sasanian king Narseh of the Paikuli monument

3D model of one of Sasanian king Narseh’s high-relief busts belonging to the commemorative monument of Paikuli (Sulaimaniyah Province - KRG - Ir...

Available online the new website of the historical houses of Sulaymaniyah

Historical Houses of Sulaymaniyah ( is a prototype web-portal to map and describe the heritage private buildings acquired ...