The city of Alexander the Great was discovered in Iraq!

The city of Alexander the Great was discovered in Iraq!

Archaeologists in Iraq have discovered a city that has been forgotten for more than two thousand years, with the help of photographs taken by drone and degraded images of the CIA. The city, believed to have been founded in 331 BC. by Alexander the Great, was discovered in the wider area of Qalatga Darband by a group of Iraqi and British archaeologists.


Dr. John MacGinnis, head of the excavations, told the Times: "It's still too early, but I think we have found the ruins of a bustling city that was on a road leading from Iraq to Iran. Seeing the ruins, you can imagine traveling vendors supplying wine to soldiers who have made a stop in the city. "

Archaeologists first focused on this point after the declassification and publication of photographs taken by the CIA by satellite in the 1960s. These photographs portray the "boundaries" of a city. A fact that prompted archaeologists to secure the special licenses to begin the excavations. Indeed, in their work they used droners to better define the boundaries of the buildings of the lost city of Alexander the Great.


It is worth mentioning that Greek coins and statues of Greek mythology have been found in the wider area, including Persephone and Adonis. Staff of the British Museum have long been involved in the training of Iraqi specialists on cultural heritage as part of a program aimed at saving and protecting important antiquities in the Middle East regions affected by armed conflicts and looting of terrorists.


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